At Blueprint we always give 100% in our projects. We take pride in delivering the best possible service and do all we can to achieve an end result satisfactory to all parties. The most rewarding part of our job, besides the fact that we always learn something new thanks to you and your particular situation, is that you, the client, are happy with the end result. This is what motivates us. Below are some of the projects we have worked on:

 AdWords campaigns: We are often asked to translate AdWords campaigns. These usually consist of a set of words and short related advertisements, designed to achieve optimal listing in Google’s search results pages. The challenges faced when translating this type of text include character restriction, regional variants, synonyms and homonyms, differences in match types (broad, phrase or exact match), etc. To do a good job in this kind of translation, for a translated AdWords campaign to be successful, it is not enough to simply translate the words. At Blueprint we understand how AdWords tool works and we know our SEO techniques. Try us; together we can improve your ranking.

 Damages claim: one of our most ambitious projects to date was the translation of the whole of the documentation generated as part of a damages claim arising from a case of food poisoning. We had to translate everything from legal documents, to medical reports describing the symptoms of the affected patients; a total of some 100,000 words that needed to be translated with the utmost accuracy and with a fast turnaround, since the claim was in court and the lawyers needed the documents translated as soon as was humanly possible. For this project, we established various procedures to make sure everything went smoothly:

  • A documentation phase with access to specialist sources and experts in order to fully understand the nature of the texts and be able to translate them to the highest quality.
  • The creation of glossaries with terminology and specific vocabulary, with a view to ensuring terminological consistency throughout the project.
  • Digitalisation and preparation of all material and the use of translation technology. This allowed us to reuse previously translated material, saving time and guaranteeing textual and terminological consistency throughout the project.
  • A workflow that included translation and proofreading of the various texts, plus a “final eye” read through of the finished document.

Tina SuauConozco a Laura Ramírez Polo desde hace años de la Universitat de València. Aparte de sus dotes como profesora en Informática aplicada a la Traducción, es una excelente traductora, con enormes recursos lingüísticos y tecnológicos y una gran profesional, siempre dispuesta a ayudar y a aprender. Igualmente, está siempre abierta a nuevos retos y nuevos proyectos relacionados con la investigación. Su talante no puede ser mejor. 

Tina Suau (Directora Intersedes del IULMA)

“I worked with Laura on a large project over several weeks, translating a large number of texts with a combined length of around 50,000 words from German into Spanish. Laura followed the briefing outline very attentively and responded very positively to feedback, quickly grasping our needs and priorities with the project. The translations were of a consistently high quality, and idiomatically rendered. Laura’s communication throughout was excellent, which was crucial for a complicated project with considerable time pressure: she was clear about how long a task would take and was never late on what she had agreed. I would certainly use Laura’s services again for future projects, and would recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Ben Mason (Projektmeister, betterplace lab)

Algunos de nuestros clientes

Betterplace Lab

digital for social

Betterplace Lab researches digital communications for the social sector and develop tools for you to use.


Estudio de Arquitectura

Kaleidoscope es un estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo distinto que abarca todo el proceso constructivo.


Instituto Interuniversitario

El Instituto Interuniversitario de Lenguas Modernas Aplicadas de la Comunidad Valenciana se dedica a la investigación, difusión y formación de los diversos ámbitos de aplicación de la lingüística.



Electrónica de motos

Mototecnix prepara a pilotos para la alta competición. Se dedica además a la reconstrucción y preparación de motores, así como a la preparación de suspensiones.

Clínica Baviera

Instituto Oftalmológico Europeo

Clínica Baviera es la “primera clínica oftalmológica en España y en Europa” especializada en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de problemas y trastornos oculares, especialmente en la aplicación de los procedimientos de cirugía refractiva (cirugía ocular con láser y lentes intraoculares).