Language Services

Do you need your texts in different languages? That’s what we’re here for!

At Blueprint we are experts in the translation of texts into different languages. We work exclusively with native translators, who translate from the foreign language into their mother tongue and are excellent writers in their own right. Our main language combinations are:

German       flecha_rosa     Spanish
English          flecha_rosa     Spanish
French       flecha_rosa     Spanish
Portuguuese    flecha_rosa     Spanish
Russian           flecha_rosa     Spanish
Spanish       flecha_rosa     Catalan
Catalan        flecha_rosa     Spanish

We also work closely with other translators and colleagues, which allows us to coordinate projects into other languages to offer you a more complete service. Through these collaborations, we can also offer the following language pairs:

Spanish       flecha_rosa       German
Spanish       flecha_rosa       English
Spanish       flecha_rosa       French
Spanish      flecha_rosa       Portuguese
Spanish       flecha_rosa       Russian

Our main areas of work include marketing and advertising copy, AdWords campaigns, product communication, business correspondence, websites, mobile applications, as well as other technical and general texts. If your project requires other language pairs or specialities, drop us a line and together we can study our options.
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  • AdWords campaigns:These usually consist of a set of words and short related advertisements, designed to achieve optimal listing in Google’s search results pages. The challenges faced when translating this type of text include character restriction, regional variants, synonyms and homonyms, differences in match types (broad, phrase or exact match), etc.
  • Damages claim: one of our most ambitious projects to date was the translation of the whole of the documentation generated as part of a damages claim arising from a case of food poisoning. We had to translate everything from legal documents, to medical reports describing the symptoms of the affected patients; a total of some 100,000 words that needed to be translated with the utmost accuracy and with a fast turnaround, since the claim was in court and the lawyers needed the documents translated as soon as was humanly possible. If you want to nkow more about our projects please click here.

The experts say that localisation goes beyond mere translation. It requires taking into account cultural differences and technical factors to adapt the product to the target market. If what you’re looking for is a local flavour for your texts or products, rest assured that our native translators and technical team do all they can to make it seem like they were created within your intended market.
Have you written a text and need a professional eye to look it over? Is your text translated and you want us to proofread it? Just say the word! As linguists and professionals in the communication sector, we know our spelling, punctuation and style guidelines inside out. We will return your texts in the most suitable style, tone and register for your intended goal.
If, besides a translation, what you need is a glossary of specific terms related to your area of work or your company, you’ve come to the right place. We analyse your texts to pick out the most relevant terminology, searching for equivalent terms in the target language, and confirming them with subject matter experts. In this way, we can guarantee terminological consistency and quality throughout all of your texts, as well as optimise the translation process itself.
We’re not going to lie; we do love our word processors. We know dozens of hotkeys, macros and advanced features that help make our work as efficient as possible. But ours is a multimedia reality, which is why we also provide subtitling and transcription services to help make your audiovisual products accessible to a broader audience. We know what software to use to segment and subtitle your videos, and can deliver the completed files to you in standard formats.
 If what you need is an intermediary based here in Spain, who can speak your language and represent your interests, we’re the company for you. As part of our services as attendants at fairs, client meetings, and other events, we can help overcome cultural and language barriers, doing everything we can to make it a fruitful experience for you or your company.
 If what you’re looking for is a professional interpreter to help you out with the language side of things in your business meetings, or you want to organise a bilingual event in English and Spanish, you can trust in us. For simultaneous interpreting, you need technical equipment to allow the professionals to reproduce what the speaker is saying, while they are saying it. Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter takes notes during a speech and then follows the speaker on stage to give an overview of what has been said. Finally, liaison interpreting allows two individuals who speak different language to communicate with each other. What are you looking for?